Friday, January 18, 2013

Precious Keepsake

Do you feel guilty throwing away all of your old cards you have received throughout the holidays over the years?? If so, this project may be for you!

Instead of throwing away Valentine's cards, love letters, etc. you have received from your man, cut them up instead! Into hearts of course :) 

Take any collection of cards and cut them into hearts of all sizes! If you happen to have any old love letters from your sweetheart those will work too! For those of you who communicate solely through email, print your "love emails" onto colored or printed paper. 

Then, place them in a shadow box customized to your liking! We can paint or antique the frame of the box and even add embellishments.

This is such a sweet project that will get your cards out of an old storage box and into a beautiful display for your home!

Other ideas:

  • Birthday Cards
  • Christmas Cards
  • Wedding/Shower Cards
  • Holiday Collection (cards from all holidays combined)

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