Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sarah's Rustic Tree Skirt

Pinspired had a local celebrity stop by for a visit yesterday----Sarah-Blake Morgan from KCBD News Channel 11! Sarah will be in our shop TOMORROW to film a segment on Christmas Crafts for the afternoon news. She decided to come in a few days early to make a Christmas craft herself. Sarah chose to make this adorable rustic Christmas tree skirt. The base fabric of these tree skirts is linen and burlap. The adorable ruffled layers can be made from essentially any type of fabric! Sarah chose a thick burlap, white glittery tulle, navy blue with white polka dots, cream lace, country checkered fabric, and a thin cream-colored burlap. We LOVED how the glitter and lace accents added the perfect feminine touch to this country Christmas tree skirt. Sarah decided to go home and have her tree "try the skirt on" to see if she wanted to add more ruffled layers. This is NOT one of those tedious projects that involves hours of sizing, planning, measuring, cutting, or sewing. On the contrary, we did a lot of "fabric ripping" in order to create the worn look on the edges. The ruffles are bunched and attached using a hot glue gun. Depending on the size of the skirt, this project may be somewhat time-consuming--but definitely not difficult! Come in today to create your own personalized tree skirt to match your home's Christmas decorations. For those of you who have MULTIPLE Christmas trees in your home, here is a fun way to further personalize each tree!

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Posted blow are some pictures of Sarah's process of making her tree skirt.

Supplies that will soon be transformed....

The first three layers of burlap, tulle, and polka dots.

Sarah using the hot glue gun to attach the ruffles!

Completed tree skirt....SO CUTE! 

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